Convergent’s team of experienced nonprofit fundraising consultants provides comprehensive campaign management services that minimize the burden on your staff. We can manage the day-to-day details of your campaign so that you can focus on your own full-time job.

We make professional presentations to each funding prospect, detail a customized investment proposal, and actually make the “ask,” minimizing the burden on your volunteers. We do the heavy lifting and strategically focus your volunteer leadership on a small number of tasks that can have an outsized impact on results—without a substantial time commitment.

Our unique approach maximizes funding by complementing traditional emotional appeals with strong rational appeals for support. By demonstrating value, benefits, impacts, and ROI (return on investment), Convergent is able to get its clients to the front of the funding line in a competitive fundraising environment.

What sets us apart

Convergent’s unique mix of proven fundraising techniques and innovative tools work together to maximize funding and reduce costs. Convergent helps to move the funding process from a charity mindset to one of investment. We present investment-grade analysis in ways that potential funders understand. By applying exclusive and patented outcome-driven techniques and research-driven processes, our team consistently achieves exceptional results for clients.

Ultimately, Convergent’s background, experience, and know-how integrate to form a highly effective campaign process that consistently achieves exceptional returns for clients.

Unique Experience

Our team of experts has worked with hundreds of nonprofit organizations in 49 states and around the world.

Proven Results

We have successfully used the Investment-Driven Model™ to provide sustainable funding to all types of nonprofit organizations.

Innovative Tools

Our return on investment (ROI) tools help your organization maximize returns by translating specific outcomes into specific benefits for different stakeholders and investor groups.

Highly Scalable

Instead of just offering the same service to everyone, we cater our offerings to match each organization’s specific needs.

Direct Solicitations

To guarantee that each “ask” achieves the best possible result, one of our experienced fundraising experts will make a professional in-person presentation to each funding prospect.

Return on Investment Focus

Convergent Principal Tom Ralser, author of the best-selling book ROI for Nonprofits: The New Key to Sustainability will work with your organization during the fundraising process. Tom pioneered the concept of applying return on investment (ROI) principles to nonprofit fundraising. As its name implies, an ROI analysis provides the rationale – the “what’s in it for me?” that investors require to make major commitments to your nonprofit.