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Why is it challenging to maintain consistent funding for Arts & Culture nonprofit organizations? When it comes to this essential niche of society, it seems to be overlooked far too often in the distribution of funds. This leaves organizations in the Arts & Culture sector to fight for the funding they need while trying to successfully run a beneficial nonprofit. It is no wonder why organizations in this sector struggle when they are rarely provided the resources and support essential to success. That is why Convergent developed a better way forward.

Case Studies

For a closer look at what it is like to work with Convergent Nonprofit Solutions and the results you can expect, visit our case studies page or view a brief preview here:

Fundraising is a skill and a full-time job. When your community has been approached numerous times for donations and volunteering over the years, how do you get investors excited about supporting your project?

How do you generate investments for infrastructure improvements at a community college in a state known as the “granddaddy” of the Promise Program initiative? Can you convince investors to fund both efforts?

This YMCA had leased buildings from the city and moved from place to place over its entire 125-year existence. How do you find the funding for the permanent home you need in order to provide a vibrant, central hub for youth development, social responsibility and healthy...

A Few of our Arts & Culture Clients

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Tell Us About Your Arts & Culture Nonprofit

Here at Convergent Nonprofit Solutions, we are on standby and ready to support the efforts of Arts & Culture organizations across the nation. Contact our nonprofit consultants with more information about you, your Arts & Culture organization, and your mission. We will be in touch with details about how the capital campaign consultants at Convergent can help you meet and exceed your fundraising goals.

From Our Clients

The strategy and support offered by Convergent Nonprofit Solutions helped our Board expand its vision for the Foundation, which in turn helped to refocus and redefine the organization’s impact in our community. The methodology of Convergent’s capital campaign process not only helps to raise more money in the immediate, it also builds best practices for long-term investor relations and lays groundwork for the success of future funding initiatives.

Dion Davis
Jekyll Island Foundation

After one of their competitors had left us terribly disappointed, the good folks at Convergent came to our rescue. The people we worked with at Convergent truly cared about our situation and went above and beyond what was called for to help us address our challenges.

Jack Bell
ProMusica Concert Series