A Fundraiser’s Favorite Insights From The #IEDC 2014 Conference

A Fundraiser’s Favorite Insights From The #IEDC 2014 Conference

There are a ton of great sessions at the International Economic Development Council’s Annual Conference every year; too many for one person to attend them all. Thanks to Twitter, conference attendees are now able to share insights in real time with each other and their fellow economic developers that were unable to attend the conference, allowing you to catch up on the best insights from all the sessions you weren’t able to attend. Isn’t social media great?

In fact, “#IEDC” was used in over 400 tweets sent out during the week of the conference! That’s a lot to sort through, but don’t worry, we did the work for you. We looked for those insights that spoke to us most as economic development fundraisers, as well as those that pertain to strategic planning and fundraising issues that our clients are encountering throughout the country, and we put them all in one place for you. Enjoy!

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After graduating with her BA in Organizational Communication from the University of Central Florida in just three years, Samantha’s career has focused on client and internal company support, while also serving as communications and marketing liaison. Samantha’s true passion is to provide quality service and develop mutually beneficial and meaningful relationships with Convergent’s clients, Principals and Campaign Directors – which makes her an integral component of our team.