COVID-19 and Nonprofits: Leadership and Connection

COVID-19 and YMCA podcast

I was recently joined on our podcast by YMCA professionals Kathleen Walsh and Steve Tammaro. Kathleen is the CEO of the YMCA of Metro North, and Steve is CEO of the YMCA of the Inland Northwest. These two are on opposite sides of the country but the way they have been dealing with and leading […]

A Little Help From Our Friends: Ideas for Chambers & EDOs Nationwide

Ideas for Chambers and EDOs

We started a series of Virtual Round Tables this week for our friends and clients leading chambers and economic development organizations across the country. The purpose is to provide a venue for sharing frustrations, fears, questions, and most important, solutions. As COVID-19 changes the way we all operate on a daily basis, our communities are […]

Leading Your Organization During Unpredictable Times

Leading during unpredictable times

There is no doubt that leading a nonprofit organization during the COVID-19 pandemic is new territory for all of us. Being optimistic, bold, and strong, while maintaining honesty, empathy, and a sense of realism is a delicate balance for leaders today. Here are eight action steps that you can take to ensure that your leadership […]

The Power of a Strong Feasibility Study

It was a pleasure to welcome Pellissippi State Community College President Dr. L. Anthony Wise and Convergent Partner Joe April to our podcast, The Difference. We discussed the college‚Äôs recently completed (and very successful!) capital campaign and the difference it made having an experienced nonprofit fundraising consultant conduct a strong feasibility study prior to that […]

What to Look For When Choosing a Fundraising Consulting Firm

Choosing the Right Fundraising Consultant

When gearing up for a new campaign, some nonprofits are skeptical about whether to use a fundraising consultant. They may be reluctant to spend extra budget dollars or to bring in people who aren’t native to their organization. The decision to bring in outside counsel may seem intimidating. But weighing the costs and the benefits, […]

5 Best Books for Nonprofit Fundraising

Nonprofit Fundraising Books

Everybody’s got a book club these days, so we thought we’d better get in the mix too! The fundraising professionals on our team have centuries of combined experience and are currently raising millions of dollars for nonprofits all over the country. Who better to turn to for reading recommendations for the best nonprofit fundraising books? […]