Increasing Awareness Doesn’t Fund Your Mission

Increasing Awareness Doesn't Fund Your Mission

Increasing Awareness Doesn’t Fund Your Mission

Convergent Note: The following is a brief excerpt from the article “Increasing Awareness Doesn’t Fund Your Mission,” recently published by NonProfit PRO and written by Partner Carol Wick. To read the full article, follow the link at the bottom of the excerpt.

October is one of the most important months of the year for organizations whose mission is to end the epidemic of intimate partner violence, also known to many as domestic violence. During the 31 days in October, almost every agency does two things: Raise awareness and raise funds. Typically, this means there are proclamations, speeches and big lunches or dinners. As someone who led a domestic violence organization for nearly a decade, October is synonymous with a frenzy of activities and very little time for much else. Despite the gains in awareness that are achieved, many organizations continue to struggle to make ends meet.

So how can domestic violence organizations—or any organizations—make the most out of their October activities and secure increased funding? The solution is not to add another walk or gala, but to take a closer look at how you can combine awareness and fundraising to achieve your mission and engage investors in your cause.

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For more than 25 years, Carol Wick has made a career of working in the nonprofit sector. She is an innovative leader with a proven track record in the development of system-wide collaborative partnerships, strategic development of programs practices, evidence-based programs, and successful fundraising.