3 Stages of Building Your Fundraising Asking Rights

Paper dolls holding hands over a stack of nonprofit fundraising contributions

What gives your nonprofit the right to ask a foundation, bank, business, or individual for money? This is the question that inspired Tom Ralser’s book series on Asking Rights™. Ralser looked at fundraising efforts and results from hundreds of nonprofit campaigns and what the common ingredients were for success. Those who had Asking Rights had […]

Stronger Together: How Community Partnerships Can Increase Funding

Community Partnerships Improve Funding

Community impact is the driving force in so many capital campaigns for nonprofits, chambers, and economic development organizations today. Joining forces with like-minded organizations to increase the impact makes perfect sense, but it’s surprising how few organizations actually follow through with community partnerships. This collaboration can help build leadership and creatively tackle complex issues such […]

Who Would Win? Emotional vs. Rational Fundraising Appeals

Girl making a thinking face surrounded by question marks

The comparison of emotional and rational fundraising appeals is a seemingly constant tug of war in the nonprofit sector. My young son recently introduced me to the children’s book series Who Would Win? by Jerry Pallotta. These books pit creatures from all over the world against each other in a physical battle, teaching valuable lessons […]

Where is Your Nonprofit on the Diversity Continuum?

Picture of a person of color working for a nonprofit

I was recently joined on our podcast (The Difference: Nonprofit Fundraising in a For-Profit World) by Antoinetta Mosley, the founder and CEO of I Follow the Leader. I Follow the Leader is a leadership consulting firm that specializes in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Antoinetta is a certified diversity professional who holds a Master’s in nonprofit […]

Outputs or Outcomes? The Difference in Dollars

Outcomes over outputs

Nomenclature is important. The difference between communicating “outputs” and “outcomes” can lead to an increase in or lack of long-term funding for a nonprofit. Since it’s summer, I’ll use a YMCA pool example to illustrate this difference. The local YMCA may be raising money to expand or renovate its pool. The facility provides swimming lessons […]

Still Confused by “Capital” Campaign?

Arrows on a chalk board, representing capital campaign questions and confusion

When you hear the term capital campaign, you may immediately think of architecture drawings, design plans, and contractor bids. Not so! While they originated as a brick-and-mortar fundraising method, capital campaigns now serve every facet of the nonprofit sector and refer instead to a multi-year, large-scale funding effort. Anything from programmatic expansions to long-term operating […]