Best of times. Worst of times. Always Time for Economic Development Initiatives

Don't coast when it comes to economic development

The Importance of Continuous Economic Development Initiatives A few years ago, the Omaha Chamber’s economic development arm initiated an award-winning awareness campaign around a double entendre slogan: “Omaha … We Don’t Coast.” Creative design and art, clever video footage, and great social media distribution were all part of the pitch. It was as effective at […]

Charting Organizational Impact: 5 Questions You Must Ask

Charting Impact together

As I have traveled around the country in the past 20 years doing lectures and workshops, there has been one sentence that has resonated with all of my audiences:  “If your organization doesn’t demonstrate its value to potential funders,  they’ll fund an organization that does.”    Many of us are familiar with Peter Drucker’s Foundation Self-Assessment tool, a valuable exercise […]

4 Essential Steps to Planning a Successful Fundraising Campaign

Take Time to Plan

The New York Times recently had an article on precrastination, which is defined as “the tendency to tackle sub goals at the earliest opportunity — even at the expense of extra effort,” or the opposite of procrastination. It’s so satisfying to move forward and check items off your to-do list to get that immediate payoff. […]

Three Practical Steps to Build a Powerful Nonprofit Fundraising Board

Build a Powerful Fundraising Board Cover Image

In identifying effective board members for your nonprofit, fundraising should be a key skill set in your search. This blog will focus on why this is important and the tactics to help build a fundraising board culture in your nonprofit organization. A fundraising board and why it’s important Any good nonprofit has a clear mission […]