Carlotta Ungaro, CCE, IOM

Carlotta Ungaro, CCE, IOM Senior Project Director For most of my career, I have had the honor to work for or with nonprofits focused on building their local communities. I find it extremely rewarding to see a community work together addressing a need. What makes the difference in a nonprofit’s success? I believe the first […]

Paul Santiago, Director of Campaign Services

Paul Santiago, Director of Campaign Services at Convergent Nonprofit Solutions

Paul Santiago Director of Campaign Services I love what I do for nonprofits. Throughout my career in fundraising, I’ve been able to participate in all aspects of the fundraising process, beginning with the development of the strategic plan, then testing the plan with community stakeholders during the feasibility study, and finally, in directing a successful […]

Dennis Hinkle, IOM

Dennis Hinkle, Senior Project Director of Convergent Nonprofit Solutions

Dennis Hinkle, IOM Senior Project Director Developing innovative programs in the nonprofit sector to meet constituents’ needs has long been my passion. That passion has driven my career, which consists of 28 years in community colleges, 12 years in chamber of commerce and economic development organizations, and now my work with Convergent.  I have operated […]

Chris Marshall

Chris Marshall

Chris Marshall Project Director I was operating my own human resources consulting company when the nonprofit industry “found me” via my local church. A fundraising recruiter was seeking folks through church contacts. I took the job, ran the campaign, and enjoyed the work, then happened to meet Mark Bergethon at an industry conference shortly afterward. […]