ROI For Nonprofits:
The New Key to Sustainability

By Tom Ralser
book-featureA look at how nonprofits can raise money amidst demands for accountability, transparency-and results. Nonprofits face the same challenges as for-profits when it comes to raising money and keeping investors happy. When investors in nonprofits are shown that their money is making a difference-that their investment is paying off-they are more likely to keep investing. Written by Tom Ralser-a CFA uniquely qualified to apply ROI methodologies to the nonprofit sector-ROI For Nonprofits: The Key to Nonprofit Sustainability details the methods and processes your nonprofit can effectively use to demonstrate the value of your organization’s efforts.


Asking Rights:
Why Some Nonprofits Get Funded (and some don’t)

By Tom Ralser
book-feature2Why do some nonprofits seem to effortlessly raise money, while others struggle? It’s because they have earned the right to ask for money. They have learned that to succeed in today’s funding environment, they must keep the investor’s perspective in mind, utilize the advantages of rational asks and focus on the outcomes delivered. This book distills the experience of hundreds of funding campaigns into easily digestible bites, including the ingredients for Asking Rights (Credibility, Fundraising Skills, and Outcomes), and the recipe for combining them into a successful funding effort.