Convergent Nonprofit Solutions

Convergent Nonprofit Solutions is a consulting firm specializing in capital campaign management for chambers of commerce and economic development organizations throughout the nation. In addition to campaign management, we offer in-depth feasibility studies that position our clients' campaigns for success.

Our extensive background in chamber fundraising includes

  • First-time campaigns
  • Renewal campaigns
  • Small rural communities
  • Major metropolitan areas
  • Multi-county regions
  • Statewide initiatives
  • Establishing public-private sector partnerships
  • Chamber/EDC mergers
  • Building campaigns
  • And more!

Capital campaigns can play a key role in community development efforts. As ACCE notes, "special multiyear fundraising campaigns, aimed at tackling local problems and opportunities, are at the heart of some of the most successful chamber activities." This is why we are seeing a distinct upswing in the number of chambers launching capital campaigns across the country. ACCE's Capital Campaign Council was created to help "advise ACCE and its members on what this kind of fundraising involves."

We're excited to be a part of the Capital Campaign Council and support ACCE in their efforts to ensure that every chamber executive understands the pros and cons, as well as the mechanics, of undertaking a campaign so they can determine whether or not this fundraising strategy is right for their organization. This year, we are specifically focused on supporting the members of ACCE's Economic & Community Development Division.

Chambers & Economic Development & Capital Campaigns... Oh, My!

The Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) has been working hard to educate its membership about the increasingly important role chambers play in economic development. Funding these initiatives remains a key challenge. In this paper, we will take a closer look at the results of ACCE's 2017 Capital Campaigns Quick Poll, specifically those trends directly related to chambers and economic development

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