Credibility Builder


An integrated program designed to enhance the success of a feasibility study, and/or when Asking Rights™ have not yet been earned or because Credibility has not been fully established.


Those organizations that are new, young, or that are venturing into new territories, areas of emphasis, or markets.


A program of work that can be immediately tested in a feasibility process, with a much higher chance or success of reaching the right interviewees at the right time with the right message.

The following components are designed around the three components of Asking Rights™: Credibility, Fundraising Skills, and Outcomes. Since it is a precursor to a large-scale funding effort, it focuses on the Credibility and Outcomes “buckets.”

Month 1

Develop a social media plan, including:

  • In-depth analysis of current social media strategies, accounts, and content.
  • Explore & identify best platforms to utilize, including but not limited to: newsletters, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Create & facilitate targeted social media campaign & content calendar.
  • Identify target follower base and those that we ideally want to follow client accounts.
  • Outline strategy to develop Concern motivators to Connection motivators.

Month 2-4

Implement SM plan, including:

  • Initiate & develop online relationships with targeted follower bases.
  • Develop & share content that specifically addresses:
    • Cause related concerns targeted followers are identified as having.
    • Key outcomes of client as identified by Convergent.
  • Marketing of client events, successes, campaigns, etc. across all platforms in a cohesive manner (based on weekly calls with client).
  • Monitor and review social media analytics.
  • Provide summary of key interactions, content that is driving traffic, etc. with recommendations on how to best capitalize on and maintain momentum.
  • Training of client staff on strategy and best practices.


Month 5,6

Develop Organizational Value Proposition®:

  • Conduct on-site workshop
    • The Investor’s perspective
    • Outputs to outcomes to value
    • Matching outcomes and motivations
    • Determining “buckets” of value
    • Valuing outcomes that will appeal to potential investors
  • Develop outcomes that will be utilized in prospectus
  • Prepare OVP document