Credibility Launchpad

This service is designed for the organization that does not have widespread awareness, a nonprofit without a large constituency, or the nonprofit so busy delivering outcomes that it is under the radar of potential funders. It is also extremely effective in enhancing the success of a feasibility study when Asking Rights™ have not yet been earned or because Credibility has not been fully established.

Because it is ideal as a precursor to a large-scale funding effort, it focuses on the Credibility and Outcomes ingredients of the Asking Rights model. This multi-month engagement typically consists of the following components:

  • A realistic assessment of your current situation and the potential to launch a large-scale funding effort.
  • A social media plan focused on potential funders and those that are concerned, but not connected, to your organization.
  • Implementation of the social media plan for a minimum of three months.
  • Development of an Organizational Value Proposition® (OVP), a concept pioneered by Convergent Principal Tom Ralser, author of ROI for Nonprofits. The term describes the nonprofit equivalent of return on investment.

For more information on starting a Credibility Launchpad for your organization, contact us today.