Credibility Launchpad

Designed for the newer organization that does not have widespread awareness, or the nonprofit so busy delivering outcomes that they are under the radar of potential funders. It is also extremely effective in enhancing the success of a feasibility study, and/or when Asking Rights™ have not yet been earned or because Credibility has not been fully established.

This six-month engagement typically consists of the following components. Because it is ideal as a precursor to a large-scale funding effort, it focuses on the Credibility and Outcomes “buckets” of the Asking Rights™ model.

Month 1

Develop a social media plan

Months 2-4

Implement the social media plan

Month 5-6

Develop the Organizational Value Proposition® or OVP, a concept developed by Convergent Principal Tom Ralser, author of ROI for Nonprofits. The term describes the nonprofit equivalent of return on investment (ROI).