Planned Giving (Investing)

When considering all forms of giving and philanthropic investing, Planned Giving, or in Convergent’s language, “Planned Investing,” provides the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) for both the funder and the organization.

Convergent’s Planned Investing program is a proven and well-thought-out method that promotes ownership of your organization amongst its funders, converting them into persuasive ambassadors throughout your community. This program will help you develop a culture of philanthropy that will thrive and survive despite leadership and staff turnover.

The activity timeline is flexible and customizable to your situation, however, the general timeline is:

Months 1 -3

  • Determine a process for appointing a Planned Investing Council
  • Identify candidates, including the chair, and recruit them
  • Determine protocol reporting procedures
  • Convene first meeting and establish goals and timeline

Months 4-5

  • Determine fiduciary agent(s)
  • Interview estate planners
  • Discuss and finalize approval of policies and procedures

Months 6-8

  • Recognition Society policy approval
  • Marketing program approved and implemented

Personalizing the Planned Investing program to your situation will provide a fee and service that is right for you.