Tiered Investor Benefit packages

Convergent can help you plan for short-term ROI and secure investors through Tiered Investor Benefit packages. Much like board members require short-term victories in order to stay with the longer-term vision, your investors want benefits immediately while they wait on anticipated market share revenue.  If they don’t see benefits quickly, they may choose to reduce or eliminate their investments in your organization.

Our Principals have been involved in the successful implementation of Tiered Investor Benefit packages for a number of organizations over the years, and they can help make yours a success. They have many examples of benefits including:

  • Officer position on board of directors
  • Participation on a strategic planning or advisory committee
  • Speaking engagements representing the organization at select events

Developing the benefits right for your organization and marketing them effectively is crucial. We can help put you on the right path to improve your short-term ROI by developing Tiered Investor Benefits for you today. Reach out to us for details.