Campaign Management

Resident Counsel

Most Convergent clients opt for our Resident Counsel campaign management solution, which includes a project director who manages the day-to-day activities of your fundraising campaign from start to finish. Convergent’s campaign director is assigned to your project – and no other.

The primary purpose of the campaign management expert assigned to your project is three-fold:

  • Achieve goal
  • Finish on time
  • Do so under budget

Our team will solicit a minimum of 100-150 prospects in person and will “make the ask” every time.

Part-Time Counsel

Although most Convergent clients utilize our Resident Counsel option, we can scale down our involvement to fit the specific needs of clients looking for a more limited engagement.

If you are looking for a less comprehensive capital campaign management solution, we offer a Part-Time Counsel approach, which includes a project director who is assigned to your campaign for one or two weeks per month. The campaign director generally works onsite as needed for the duration of the campaign.

Convergent will typically be directly involved in the top 25-50 solicitations of the campaign to ensure success, but will rely more heavily on volunteer help to solicit grassroots support. Part-time campaigns typically take longer to complete because we rely more on volunteers.

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