Making Mission Happen

How We Help

While sustainable funding is a necessary component to the success of any nonprofit organization, we realize that it’s not the only barrier to growth you may face. Do you want to grow your organization but don’t have the internal capacity to make the leap? Perhaps you want to add earned revenue so that you can move away from the dreaded special events. No matter what the vision, together we can make it a reality.

Few other consultants offer the type of experience that comes from personally developing implementing projects that are sustainable and replicable, but that’s exactly what our team of experts provides. Whether your organization is government based or not-for-profit, these services will improve your ability to communicate mission success, grow your company to its fullest capacity, and “Make Mission Happen.”



Organizational Capacity and Growth

Our organizational capacity services help companies determine how to get from vision to reality. Knowing not only how to get there but having the funds to implement the plan without taking away from existing resources is the key. We can help you develop the vision, test it and sell it to investors to make it a reality.

Planning and Visioning

When your organization is being left behind or is losing donors, it’s time to rethink your strategy. We can help you develop a plan that engages more people to help you make your mission happen.

Global and National Replication

We can help you develop an evidenced-based replication package to take your idea national or even global. Few other consulting firms have actual experience with global replication. We can help put you on the map.

Messaging to Raise More Funds

Are you still telling donors how many people you served? If so, you are not effectively telling the story of impact and why people should invest in your mission. We can help you change the way you tell your story so you attract investors in your mission rather than one time donors.

Executive Coaching

Carol Wick not only brings 25 years of executive leadership to her coaching session but also a background as a licensed therapist. She can help you or your C-level staff take their performance to the next level.

Philanthropic Accountability

Our firm also works with philanthropists, donors, and foundations to ensure that the funds they are investing in are having the impact they expect. We can help develop funding applications, return on investment metrics and reporting accountability so that you can ensure you are investing with the right organizations and you can message how your funds are being used to a wider audience.