Report Cards

Before you launch a major fundraising initiative, it’s important to identify your nonprofit’s goals and communicate throughout the campaign what your programs’ impacts will be to your prospective investors. It’s also important, before it comes time to raise another round of funding, that you report back to your investor base what actual impacts occurred as the result of the funding they provided the last time you asked them for support.

Convergent’s Outcomes Lab, powered by ROImetrix, can help you have that kind of accountability with your stakeholders, which sets the stage nicely for another successful campaign. We also help your organization establish asking rights™ for a first-time campaign by showing your current stakeholders the value of the work you’ve done in the past.

The Outcomes Lab provides two critical services:

ROI Report Card

This comprehensive, stand-alone ROI (return on investment) Report Card illustrates the work your organization accomplished with the money raised in your last campaign.

Annual ROI Report

These annual Report Cards demonstrate the progress your organization is making toward attaining its overall program goals. This can be formatted to be included in your regular annual reports.