ROI Analysis

We develop impact analyses that demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) your organization’s program or project has on the community, various industry sectors, and even individual prospective funders.

Based on investment-grade methodologies designed by a Chartered Financial Analyst, the program/project impact analysis is a highly credible and very effective tool that provides the following:

Outcome values

  • Measure the value of the outcomes that new funding generates
  • Unique services often overlooked or underappreciated
  • Service delivery savings
  • Opportunity cost of not filling area needs
  • Reduced social costs
  • Less drain on governmental services
  • Less dependence on just a few funding sources

Economic impacts

  • Measure the impact your program/project has on the economy
  • Geographical: local, regional, national
  • Classical economics: employment, earnings, capital investment
  • Consumer spending
  • Tourism
  • Local taxes, property values, business expansion

Business to business impacts

  • Especially useful for economic development efforts
  • How does a new business affect other businesses in your community?
  • What’s the ripple effect of a business leaving your community?

These tools have proven to be extremely valuable and effective in making strong customized investment proposals to individual potential sources of funding.