Does your agency house the homeless?

Do you have more people to serve than funds?

Do you need to diversify your funding sources?

Then this series is for you!


Convergent Nonprofit Solutions presents a FREE, 3-part webinar series

Turning Data into Dollars

Turning data into dollars

Date: January 23, 2018
Time: 3pm EST

What we learned:

  • How to make your fundraising more impactful using meaningful outcomes that are important to those who give.
  • How to move your communication from outputs to outcomes and raise more money.

Key takeaways:
Outputs vs. outcomes, growing your annual fund, using data effectively

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Are you ready to really fundraise?

Are you ready to really fundraise?

Date: February 20, 2018
Time: 3pm EST

What you’ll learn:

  • Are you ready for a capital campaign or major gifts program?
  • Understanding Asking Rights™ and evaluate your organizations readiness to launch a major gifts campaign or capital campaign.

Key takeaways:
Leadership for campaigns, fundraising plan, budgeting, outcomes and donors.

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Special Events or sustainable funding?

Special events or sustainable funding?

Date: March 20, 2018
Time: 3pm EST

What you’ll learn:

  • Do you dread adding another special event but find that the fundraising gap gets bigger every year?
  • How to move from special events and transactional fundraising to major gifts and sustainable funding.

Key takeaways:
Filling the fundraising gap, sustainable funding, long-term planning

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Does your organization want to increase your capacity to help move individuals from homelessness to permanent housing? No matter how efficient and effective your operations are, growth isn’t possible without sufficient funding. In this series, we’ll empower your fundraising by shifting the way you communicate your impact to funders. Understanding and correctly utilizing your outcomes – which are becoming more and more important to funders – is key to making your mission happen.

Who will benefit from the Impact Fundraising for Housing and Shelter Webinar Series?

Leaders and fundraising professionals from organizations that operate shelters, rapid rehousing and other programs moving individuals from homelessness to permanent housing.

How will the Impact Fundraising for Housing and Shelter Webinar Series help me?

This series will help you strengthen your fundraising approach and get you ready for a major gifts or capital campaign.

What will I learn in the Impact Fundraising for Housing and Shelter Webinar Series?

Convergent Nonprofit solutions will teach you how to raise the money needed to produce the outcomes funders value.

Carol Wick

A Note from Carol

Series Instructor

As a former nonprofit CEO, I understand the frustration you feel when demands for services are consistently greater than funds available. Writing more grants and holding more events never seemed to get us to our vision. It wasn’t until I learned how to properly utilize our outcomes for funding that our organization was finally able to secure the sustainable, long-term funding needed to achieve our goals.

I designed this webinar series to share what I learned about how to break out of the traditional fundraising cycle. During these sessions, I will pass along the strategies that I personally found to be successful throughout my 25 year career, as well as share insights from our clients in the housing sector. By the end of this series, it is my goal that you will be able to apply outcomes based fundraising strategies to your own work, securing the increased funding needed to help more families and individuals into permanent housing than ever before!

Carol Wick

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