Kirby Hiscox

Kirby Hiscox Senior Director, Funding Strategy I enjoy helping people succeed… Consulting with organizations, coaching individuals, and volunteering for nonprofits throughout my life, I am most excited at this stage in my professional career to watch the scale and impact of how my fundraising efforts make a significant difference out there in communities across our […]

Christen Cowan

Christen Cowan Director of Development After 10 years in government accounting, I found my way to the nonprofit industry through trial and error. I spent four years in direct client services, focusing on families experiencing housing insecurity. Though I loved the one-on-one connection with those families, I often wondered what else I could do to […]

Erin Bemis, IOM

Erin Bemis, IOM Senior Project Director My career has been spent working for and with nonprofit organizations in a variety of roles, and I’ve recognized that success for one brings achievement for many. A nonprofit with a strong mission, support for initiatives, and a team dedicated to success can achieve much more than its primary […]

Jackeline Alers

Jackeline Alers Headshot - Convergent Nonprofit Solution

Jackeline Alers Senior Project Director Jackeline has 22 years of business development and donor relations experience within corporate, chambers of commerce, government, and national nonprofit organizations. She has a proven track record of successfully leading the research, planning, implementation, execution, and evaluation of innovative groundbreaking strategic advocacy programs, specializing in diversity outreach and stewardship. An […]

Katherine Ortwerth

Katherine Ortwerth General Manager I have been working with nonprofits since I was a child helping my mother with her water therapy class for people with multiple sclerosis. Week after week, I watched hundreds of people increase their range of motion, feel better, move with greater ease, and smile! The work we did was recognized […]

Brian Abernathy, Convergent Nonprofit Solutions General Manager

Capital Campaign Consultant at Convergent Nonprofit Solutions

Brian Abernathy General Manager I entered into the nonprofit field immediately after college driven mostly by a passion for outreach with teens. After launching a program in a local high school, I realized the importance and critical value of operations. I could invest my time in relationships with a handful of students, or I could […]