Amanda Hodge

Funding Strategy Specialist

After spending almost 15 years in business development and sales management with a top 20 craft brewery, I realized that working with nonprofit partners was one of the most rewarding and gratifying parts of my position. Seeing the essential support they provided their communities and the vast array of initiatives that can be affected positively by the work these organizations do, I became determined to get involved.

We can all see that the missions of each nonprofit are exceedingly unique, but I believe the model to ensure their success is a remarkably similar one. Once I discovered Convergent’s approach to fundraising I recognized what makes the services here so distinctive. In my role, I am honored to be able to help provide nonprofits of all kinds with fundamental components to ensure that their future fundraising efforts are successful, and their missions thrive.

Full Bio

Amanda brings an extensive sales background and experience in brand development to the Convergent Asking Rights® division. She excels at working within a team and especially enjoys the collaboration involved in providing pre-campaign services to our nonprofit clients nationwide. Amanda’s strategic focus and background in impactful, outcomes-driven relationship management allow her to offer a unique perspective to the organizations we serve. Her expertise in processes and efficiencies provides our clients with both in-depth situational analysis and executional excellence.

In her early career, Amanda worked with nonprofit partners in the arts, culture, and environmental sectors. She continues to support the work that nonprofits do for cancer research, youth and children’s services, and environmental sustainability by volunteering with organizations including Susan G. Komen and the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association.

Amanda considers herself a lifelong learner and leader. Her coordination and support elevate Convergent’s business development team, bringing a higher level of strategic value to every nonprofit we encounter.

Summary of Responsibilities

  • Offers strategic development and funding expertise for clients and potential clients in Convergent’s Asking Rights pre-campaign service division.
  • Supports client acquisition and onboarding process.
  • Conducts research on the nonprofit market and identifies opportunities for Convergent to assist organizations with their funding needs.
  • Provides overall support to the implementation of Convergent’s
    various growth initiatives.