Cheryl Hardy


Cheryl has an extensive background in fundraising and business development for both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. She is an executive adept at positioning organizations for growth, with a demonstrated prowess to effectively develop and implement strategic marketing and sales plans to achieve or exceed revenue expectations.

Full Bio

Over the last twenty years, in addition to the over $150M funds raised for venture capital, private equity firms, and internal corporate boards, Cheryl has also spent several years raising money for political campaigns. As issues such as poverty, homelessness, education, and the environment loom larger, however, there was a growing realization that the needs of society and the interests of business often overlap. This led Cheryl to develop the children’s online game “NoblePlay,” which rewarded the concept of “giving back” to the communities we live in, as it taught the significant impact it makes to each of us as individuals.

Additionally, as a long-standing advocate for women, Cheryl has participated in diplomatic trips to the Middle East and China promoting Women in Business and Commerce. In recent years, she has donated her time to the State of Florida’s CEO Nexus Roundtable, mentoring several nonprofit and for-profit CEOs on various issues, including funding. Cheryl’s fundraising efforts continue through her board positions at several charities, universities, and local YMCA.

Summary of Experiences

  • Involved in a wide variety of successful fundraising initiatives, including:
    • $20M for PBS and its continuing education efforts for adults.
    • Expansion plans for the YMCA of Winter Park, FL.
    • $50M for Product Development at Texas Instruments.
    • Several national and local political elections.
  • Developed and secured the startup funding for the children’s game
  • 15+ years of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development experience while in Vice President/Director positions at Texas Instruments, Ernst & Young Management Consulting, PBS Corporate, and IDG Communications.
  • Current/Prior Boards and Affiliations include:
    • Advisory Board, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
    • Advisory Board, Pace University NYC/CT, School of Engineering
    • Grow Florida CEO Roundtable Member
    • Professional Women’s Leadership Network, Senatorial Appointee
    • California Legislative Delegation to China
    • Women’s Business Leadership member/speaker at Bahrain/Dubai Summit
  • Graduated with her B.S. in Finance from Florida State University and Graduate Certificate in Marketing from Southern Methodist University.