Chris Jones

Project Director

After working for almost 35 years in the for-profit market, I found myself looking for more life fulfillment.  I had always enjoyed great success working in business development/sales and marketing and serving in Rotary to grow clubs and districts. But I felt that making the world a better place for every person was not a choice, it was a mission.

I had taken mission-type trips through my involvement in Rotary International, but one to India in 2014 for Polio National Immunization Day really shook me to my core. During the return trip, my wife and I discussed how we could each start living our shared values more assertively. For me, part of this meant a move to the nonprofit sector.

In my very early life, my family lived by the golden rule, and I have improved that into living by the “platinum rule.” The golden rule suggests you treat others as you would like to be treated; the platinum rule is about treating the other person in the way they wish to be treated. Inherent in applying the platinum rule is the need to get to know the other person and to form a strong bond. This is what I enjoy the most about my work now– forming relationships!

Full Bio

Chris is a skilled relationship-builder who has held senior global positions over the last 30 years. He is highly sought after for advice, growth plans, and strategic business development. He has served on numerous nonprofit boards and been an integral part of development activities for several humanitarian and volunteer organizations.

Chris is known for managing revenue streams that include civic- and faith-based fundraising, corporate employee engagement programs, individual and major gifts, annual giving and endowment fundraising, and gifts-in-kind. He adapts easily to diverse organizational groups and is inclusive of board leadership, community stakeholders,  volunteers, and staff. With many years of experience in public speaking, Chris can deliver an appropriate message for any audience to drive support for funding and mission advancement.

During Chris’s most recent nonprofit engagement, he worked with Rise Against Hunger to expand development globally. He worked with major donors to create solutions-based giving opportunities that delivered a mutually beneficial value proposition for the investor as well as the organization’s needs and culture.

Also a priority for Chris is his volunteer service in Rotary International. His club, district, and zone responsibilities are a testament to his commitment to making an impact on his community.

Summary of Responsibilities

  • Developed local, national, and international revenue opportunities for key initiatives as Global Director of Program Revenue for Rise Against Hunger, LLC.
  • Extensive leadership experience including positions as Chief Operating Officer at Brave New Markets, Inc and Global Director of Channel Support at Sylvan Prometric, Inc.
  • Held roles as Zone Leader and District Governor for Rotary International; also served as Director, Training and Faculty, for Carolinas’ Rotary PETS.
  • Owner of several successful small businesses.