Daniel Rogers

Senior Project Director

My true love for humanity was realized young in life when in college and needing to support my education goals, I took a job working with the developmentally challenged. This opened a new world of understanding about human nature and human need. That early experience changed the course of my educational pursuits and ultimately shaped my global view of impact and human betterment.

The focus to serve in the nonprofit area of expertise was crystalized when I was honored to serve for extended periods of time in North East India. I realized the impact an NGO or nonprofit has directly on humanity at scale, resulting in local and regional economic betterment. 

Having been in executive nonprofit leadership for a few decades, it’s a pleasure to serve local and regional leaders in supporting their impact goals through successful fund development. A healthy and well-funded nonprofit does amazing work that sustains over time and scales to reach the ever-present opportunity for positive solutions.


Dan got his start in the nonprofit arena after graduating college when he went on to learn from and serve impoverished people groups globally.  His travels and vast experiences have included spending time working with the leper colonies of eastern India, the indigenous people of central Mexico, and underprivileged groups in communities throughout US-based city centers.

Dan’s path then led to senior management, where he specialized in identifying and developing people in key leadership roles for nonprofit organizations. Dan was the social architect of Cherry Street’s Life Revitalization Center, a successful $10 million capital project that facilitated social impact partnerships in order to establish a career and vocational school. Serving, consulting, and coaching community progression through a catalytic approach to connecting and establishing new and unusual partnerships are Dan’s true strengths. He strives to bolster economic development efforts through the eradication of systems that promote poverty.

Dan is the 2010 recipient of the Jefferson Award for Public Service and, in 2014, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Entrepreneurial and Business Excellence Hall of Fame. In 2017, he received the Courage Award for the state of Ohio from Governor Kasich. Dan is also an author, public speaker, and TEDx presenter

Summary of Experience

  • Served as President and CEO of a large nonprofit in northern Ohio, overseeing several capital campaigns and many successful annual campaigns.
  • Served as President and CEO of a community-based nonprofit building a strategic brand and developing a strong future through economic development.
  • Founded and launched a consulting service focused on providing insight and proven strategies to drive innovation for nonprofits.
  • Has raised in excess of $50 million for nonprofits.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Theology from Mount Vernon College.