Jay MacDougall

Project Director

I was born and raised in Quincy, Massachusetts. My neighborhood was a melting pot of different religions, ethnicities and walks of life. Within the diversity, there was a powerful common thread that united us all … our connection was a willingness to serve one another. My engagement in nonprofit initiatives reconnects me to this community feel from my childhood.

I’ve always enjoyed participating in community efforts to improve the lives of many. My nonprofit projects have run the gambit from converting a defunct mill building into a 40-unit senior housing complex to leveraging state resources to clear land to create athletic fields and a new community center. As a state legislator, I promoted legislation and funding to expand enrollment opportunities for students to attend the state’s community college system.

As a member serving on several nonprofit boards spanning forty years, I’m always gratified as projects unfold from the initial idea to formal proposal, to resource acquisition, to final completion. The entire process strengthens the community, building bridges of common purpose, and finding pathways to solve the inevitable challenges that emerge. The real reward is the improved quality of life for people. How wonderful is that?

Jay has enjoyed varied, successful career accomplishments in both for-profit and nonprofit arenas. His extensive manufacturing journey has included helping businesses grow by insightful recognition of opportunities to provide quality training for employees, product development, and strengthening internal and external customer relationships. Jay has worked in a variety of manufacturing and business platforms including packaging, printing, purchasing, warehousing, inventory control, sales, and customer service.

While enjoying a fruitful career in the private sector, Jay saw the wide landscape of needs and opportunities in the nonprofit community.  He has been an effective leader working in the mental health, EMS, theater, and children’s sports communities. Additionally, his love of children led him to become a member of the faculty in a local private school, teaching Latin, music, and performing arts. Through these endeavors, Jay has seen the often daunting challenge these organizations endure to gain and maintain resources in order to fulfill their mission to the communities they serve.

Over forty years of business and community collaboration has given Jay the experience and perspective required to help nonprofits achieve their resource goals. Jay’s strongest asset is his ability to adjudicate between various stakeholders’ perspectives, and merge those into cohesive goals.

Summary of Experience

  • Served on multiple nonprofit boards of directors and board of trustee entities for four decades.
  • State Representative in the Maine Legislature with emphasis on Public/Private initiatives.
  • Fundraising for seven elections for Elective Office with support from the business community.
  • Produced dozens of nonprofit theater & music events, involving alumni & community members.
  • Rejuvenated Performing Arts in a small private school coordinating volunteers and alumni.
  • Middle School teacher in Latin, music, and performing arts.
  • Project management in time-sensitive settings.