Kirby Hiscox

Senior Director, Funding Strategy

I enjoy helping people succeed…

Consulting with organizations, coaching individuals, and volunteering for nonprofits throughout my life, I am most excited at this stage in my professional career to watch the scale and impact of how my fundraising efforts make a significant difference out there in communities across our great United States of America.

Knowing that I move money for the greater good for so many diverse nonprofits, economic development coalitions, and community organizations gets me up in the morning with a smile. I enjoy securing much-needed funding for services critical to a wide array of organizations and individuals.


Kirby is a multidisciplinary professional with extensive experience in fundraising, legislative affairs, corporate sales, public relations and advertising, executive coaching, and business development. His business experience is drawn from more than 35 years of working with hundreds of organizations from startups and SMEs to Fortune 10 and multinational corporations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia.

In addition to his professional experience, Kirby has appeared in several movies, television programs, commercials, and training videos. His image or likeness has been used in multiple national advertising campaigns. Kirby has narrated hundreds of television and radio commercials, videos, and eLearning platforms.

One of Kirby’s core strengths is his ability to penetrate organizations quickly and efficiently to get to the key decision-makers, establish and maintain value, and create action-based agreements for moving forward via his personable and enthusiastic approach to doing business.

Kirby considers himself a change agent and encourages people to make a difference in their communities both personally and professionally.

Summary of Responsibilities

  • Coalition building between federal and state legislators, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, local chambers, trade associations, business and industry representatives, and NGOs to enact positive business legislation for economic development, workforce investment, education, technology, healthcare, transportation, energy, employment relations, taxation, and veteran affairs.
  • International business relations to promote international trade and business partnerships, including inbound and outbound international investment.
  • C-Suite consulting and collaboration with boards of directors, major investors, and key stakeholders.
  • Business sales and acquisition funding from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.
  • Planning, implementation, and facilitation of workshops, seminars, training, and annual events.
  • Past board member of the Association of State Chamber Professionals.
Kirby was excellent. He’s a people person who loves relationship-building. He’s driven. He’s really a very big asset to your company.
Dave Rowland, President
Oklahoma Manufacturing Association, OK