Kristin Harper

Sales & Marketing Director

What am I doing to make a difference in the world? I once read that this was a key to job satisfaction and longevity, and I couldn’t agree more. The answer to this question has led me into and out of numerous positions in my work history. I’m so proud to be at Convergent now, impacting not just one community or nonprofit but so many of them all across the country. It’s also such an honor to work with men and women in the nonprofit arenaboth my teammates at our firm and our clientswho have been and continue to be leaders for positive change in their communities.

I’ve personally tried to make a difference for many years supporting nonprofits involved with children and education. There are so many impactful nonprofits in my town alone and such hardworking people giving their time to make them successful. It’s a pleasure to be a tiny part of their success and see the direct result of that support in helping to shape tomorrow’s leaders.

Full Bio

Kristin joins the Convergent team with over 25 years of sales and marketing experience on the agency and client side. Most recently, she facilitated growth of the consumer base for the Southeast’s largest farm-to-table food delivery service, changing the local food system statewide in North Carolina.

Her experience with a mission-minded company engaged with local farms and communities served to strengthen her commitment to partnering with purpose-driven organizations. She has supervised every aspect of marketing. Kristin’s expertise includes planning and strategy for both digital and offline programs. Her strategic strength complements her ability to execute the necessary tactics and manage metrics to drive sales and marketing program success.

Kristin’s early career experience includes marketing for nonprofits such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation and USO. She then moved into operations, sales, and relationship management for nationwide clients including Verizon Wireless, Voicestream, Charter Cable, Nextel Partners, and more. She is enthusiastic about rejoining the nonprofit industry through Convergent. She bolsters the communication of our unique and highly successful business model with her abilities and expertise.

Summary of Responsibilities

  • Reinforces branding across all marketing platforms and channels.
  • Oversees marketing material creation/updating/design.
  • Develops and maintains relationships with strategic business partners.
  • Leads annual marketing planning.
  • Manages social media presence and digital marketing strategy.
  • Coordinates conferences and speaking engagement opportunities.
  • Supports and supplements Convergent’s various growth initiatives.
  • Manages website content, including blog, calendar of events, testimonials, etc.