Mick Fleming


In September 2017, I left my position at the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives after more than 16 years in the corner office. In the months that followed, as I talked with the Convergent team about their passion for helping regions, states, and cities realize their aspirations, my long-standing belief in the power of communities amplified. That belief was always a driver for the work I did with ACCE, MACNY, and the Business Council of NY, but this is different. Because I could do anything or nothing at this stage in my life, helping communities now feels like a personal mission.

choose to press onward with people who share this crazy passion for helping towns, cities, and disjointed suburbs get somewhere. I’m honored that Convergent is providing me a solid platform to pursue the work.

In addition to serving as CEO of the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives for over 16 years, Mick has provided strategic planning, consulting support, and direct motivation to hundreds of chambers of all sizes. In many cases, the planning engagements were extended and intense. The associations in which he served as CEO for more than 20 years have benefitted from numerous, multi-year strategic plans and funding campaigns.

Throughout his storied career, Mick has contributed to the chamber-community development movement in a variety of ways, including creating and leading the Ford Foundation’s Regional Sustainable Development Fellowship. He served as a member of the US Chamber’s Committee of 100 and the Council of State Chambers for 15 years and authored key works such as Making Your Chamber Make a Difference, Heresies Worth Discussing and the Horizon Initiative.

Mick also has considerable experience on the other side of the aisle, having been an elected officer in two local chambers and board member of other nonprofit organizations. During eight years of service as Vice Chairman of the World Chambers Federation, he worked on collaborative projects with the CEOs and chairs of chambers in the largest cities and nations in the world.

His network of highly-skilled, proven advisors and colleagues is virtually limitless and available to assist in setting new courses for organizations of any size.

Summary of Experience

  • As ACCE President, managed a 29-person staff serving the needs of 1,500 chambers of commerce and related organizations.
  • While at ACCE, launched a major initiative to increase diversity and inclusion in the chamber world – a cause that he continues to champion.
  • In 2011, worked with a West Coast foundation to launch the multimillion-dollar Alliance for Education Attainment.
  • Exceeded goals on four distinct fundraising campaigns and restructured dues investment schedules half a dozen times.
  • Spent 15 years in senior management positions with the Business Council of New York State and 4 years as CEO of the Manufacturers Association of Central New York.
  • Authored a book about effective grassroots lobbying techniques, as well as dozens of articles and white papers on topics ranging from corporate civic engagement to business travel.
  • Currently serves as Vice Chairman of the World Chambers Federation. Has also served on university boards, charitable institutions, professional societies, workforce entities, and other volunteer leadership positions.
  • Graduate of Duke University’s leadership program and the Aspen Institute’s immersion program for C-level leaders.
  • Graduate of Cornell University, where he majored in history and philosophy.