Sean Stockard, CEcD

Project Director

I love this profession. I truly believe the role we play in our communities –whether they be large communities or small — is crucially important to their success.  I have worked in both and have come to see first-hand that the decisions we make assisting a company to expand, grow or relocate to a community has a direct impact on the people that live there.

Our decisions can change the life on an unemployed person in our community looking for a job – giving him/her a fresh start in the coming year. Our decisions can improve life for an underemployed, single parent seeking access to a skills-enhancement program. Our decisions allow people to lift themselves up to the next rung on the economic ladder.

We can never allow ourselves to forget the impact our role has on the economic strength of not only our community, but the very individuals that make up our community: Our friends and neighbors. Every person deserves the chance to have a living-wage paying job that offers health insurance, vacation, sick leave and retirement, as well as access to skills enhancing programs to make those types of jobs attainable. As economic developers, we are the gatekeepers to ensure those type of jobs and training programs are made available in our communities.

Our job, as economic developers, is to build better, stronger, more vibrant communities so that all members of our society can prosper. Sean’s practice in economic development spans 25+ years. Over this time, he served as President/CEO or a senior staff member of several economic development organizations in Texas and Washington. His work created and retained primary-wage jobs through business start-ups and industry retention expansion and recruitment.

He led fundraising efforts for the Vernon, TX Chamber of Commerce and the Taylor, TX  Chamber of Commerce.

As a leader in the communities where he worked, he served on Chamber of Commerce boards and civic organization boards.

In his last position as President/CEO of The Alliance, Brazoria County, TX, Sean led the organization’s first membership and dues increase drive in over 15 years. This effort resulted in an annual contribution from the County in the amount of $100,000 as well as funding from a membership dues increase of 40% a year.

Sean has also held public relations roles to assist fundraising campaigns to position themselves with stakeholders. He has extensive experience in strategic planning, board of director recruitment, and team building.

Summary of Experience

  • Negotiated millions of dollars in economic development incentives.
  • Co-Lead of the Site Team for the $5 Billion Tesla Gigafactory Project in Williamson County, Texas, resulting in the runner-up site for the project.
  • Served as Chairman and Brazoria County representative on the Brazoria-Ft. Bend Rail District which oversees the development of a 60 mile-long short-line rail system to carry freight arriving at Port Freeport due to the Panama Canal widening.
  • Led multiple business recruitment missions originating in Texas to California, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois and attracted new industry.
  • Proficient in economic development, community, and organizational strategy and planning.
  • Career emphasis on team building among stakeholders and engagement as a community leader.
  • Co-founder of the Leadership Vernon Program.
  • BA, Washington State University.
  • Pursuing a Masters in Economic Development & Entrepreneurship – 4.0 GPA, University of Houston-Victoria.