Tony Nolan

Senior Project Director

I found my true calling playing golf. After 30 years as a paid political operative and consultant, I walked away and spent most of the next two-and-a-half years on the links.

But it also allotted me time to raise money for several nonprofit organizations in which I had an interest – primarily early childhood education and domestic violence organizations. I had raised money for political parties and candidates with some success but had to retool my approach to have similar success with nonprofits.

I had to once again become caring, sincere, humble and honest – all qualities I had abandoned or redefined during my years in politics. With patient understanding and guidance from a very skillful and knowledgeable local nonprofit professional, I rediscovered the characteristics of my youth that had made me, at one time, a caring and effective Latin teacher and a community asset.

Convergent found me during a start-up campaign for my local economic development public/private partnership for which I provided volunteer leadership. Working with Convergent provides me an opportunity to use my skills, knowledge and experience for the good of people and their communities. I now raise money for nonprofits, and I am proud of my career shift toward a greater good.

Tony is an experienced fundraising consultant with a strong background in marketing, public relations, and mass communications. He has served as a marketing and public relations consultant to business and industry, strategic and marketing consultant to numerous chambers of commerce and economic development boards, and fundraising consultant to new and established nonprofit organizations and political campaigns. He has also served as political consultant on several local, state, and federal campaigns.

Recent campaign successes exemplify Tony’s effectiveness with both new and established nonprofits in both urban and rural communities. For instance, in Goldsboro, NC he directed two campaigns over goal concurrently. Not only did he raised over $1.1 million for the established Wayne County Development Alliance, he also raised $1.3 million for a new Regional Agricultural Convention Center.

Not only as Tony consulted with nonprofit organizations, he has served on and chaired the boards of multiple chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, and community-oriented nonprofits over the years. Between his well-developed skills and extensive experience, Tony is especially valuable as a consultant to new organizations and/or those launching their first ever capital campaign. He has designed and executed marketing, public relations, and strategic communications programs for business, industry, and nonprofit organizations, giving him a unique understanding of what it takes for a fledgling nonprofit to properly position itself for a successful funding initiative.

Summary of Experience

  • In Davie County, NC, directed the local Economic Development Commission’s first campaign, raising over $900,000.
  • Directed the initial capital campaign for the South Carolina I-77 Alliance, a new regional economic development organization. Raised more than $1.4 million in five months.
  • Served as President for the Pageland, SC Chamber of Commerce for three years.
  • Founding board member of the Chesterfield County, SC Economic Development Alliance and Chesterfield County, SC Economic Development Board.
  • Spent three years as Board Chair for First Steps (Chesterfield, SC), an early childhood education organization.
  • While based in York County, SC, served two years as Chairman of the Rape Crisis Council and one year as Chair of the Heart Association.
  • Taught Latin and English at public and private high schools in North Carolina and Virginia.
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree (English & Latin double major) from Wake Forest University. Maters of Arts Degree in Classics from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.