Convergent’s workshops cover a wide range of topics focused on the fundraising issues faced by nonprofit organizations throughout the country today. Our expert speakers are available to present these topics (and many more) as a conference keynote or breakout session, or you can contact us to learn more about scheduling a customized workshop for your staff and board. These workshops are also a popular option for foundations looking to provide interactive learning sessions for their funding recipients.

Monetizing Your Outcomes

  • The terms “impact” and “outcomes” have become commonplace in today’s discussions of nonprofit fundraising, but how do you incorporate them in to an effective fundraising strategy? Understanding what the nonprofit “investor” (not the “donor”) wants to see is only the first step.
  • Key Learning Objectives:
  • Understanding the Investor’s Perspective
  • Identifying your Outcomes
  • Techniques to calculate & communicate Value

Next Gen Capital Campaigns

  • Capital campaigns seem to be the only form of fundraising that hasn’t moved into the 21st century. Appeals that used to work are becoming increasingly ineffective. Funders of nonprofits are getting more requests, and are more demanding and sophisticated, than ever.
  • Key Learning Objectives:
  • Proper positioning
  • Effective appeals
  • Streamlined campaign structures

Developing Asking Rights

  • Why do some nonprofits seems to effortlessly raise money, while others struggle? It’s because they have earned the right to ask for money. They keep the investor’s perspective in mind, utilize the advantages of rational asks, and always focus on the outcomes delivered.
  • Key Learning Objectives:
  • Understanding the 3 elements of Asking Rights™
  • Moving beyond emotional appeals
  • Developing your Asking Rights™