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In every community, nonprofits compete for the same narrow pool of supporters. Many struggle to stand out and make their argument the most compelling a funder will hear. We approach fundraising differently – translating what you “do” into what funders will “invest” in. It’s a powerful appeal that ends the constant struggle for funding.

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When you hire Convergent, you don’t get a single fundraiser but a team of highly experienced fundraising professionals. Each team member brings depth of experience in a specific area of campaign management, such as organizational positioning, professional asks, and developing campaign ROI. As you meet your team members, you’ll find we’re all driven by one thing – great passion for your work and ours.

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Our Entire Team is Experienced in 5-Figure Asks

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Over a Century of Experience in Nonprofits and Fundraising

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Our Average Experience in Executive Level Roles Is 22 Years

What To Expect

What if your fundraising efforts were easier? What if you exceeded goal but didn’t have to rely on your Board to make that happen? Our clients love the ease of our turnkey fundraising solutions. We do the day-to-day campaign work, predicated on a feasibility study that defines and achieves your maximum potential.

Convergent makes fundraising easier:

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Einstein was just 26 years old when he calculated E=mc2 and Charles Lindbergh took flight at 25. We’re a tad shy of 22 but no less passionate about our mission – to ensure sustainable funding for our clients. As pioneers of ROI-based fundraising, our approach is different, and our results reflect it. Like our trendsetting role models, we don’t deliver the expected. We want to help you soar above the clouds.

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Do you have the right to ask for money?

Does your organization have the foundation in place to successfully ask for large, meaningful dollars? Take our quiz to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

American Association of Community College Annual Conference

April is Community College Month! We’ll be hosting a session at the 99th Annual AACC Conference in Orlando. Join us for Beyond Dollars: Engaging Your Boards.

Our team would love to meet with you during the conference to learn more about your fundraising needs.

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