Accountability. Outcomes. Impact.

Convergent Nonprofit Solutions helps nonprofits raise the money needed
to produce the outcomes funders value.

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Why Choose Convergent?

  • Our fundraising process is scalable to fit the needs of almost any nonprofit, no matter the size, scope or mission.
  • Our techniques fit today's philanthropic environment and marketplace demands.
  • We don't rely on emotional appeals; we show the ROI and value that an organization brings to its constituency.
  • We are experts in face-to-face asks — the most effective way to raise large amounts of sustainable funding.

The Convergent Difference in under Two Minutes

What We Do

We are a consulting firm specializing in capital campaign management for nonprofit organizations throughout the nation. Our process usually starts with a funding feasibility study, but we also offer a variety of pre-campaign services for organizations not yet ready to launch a major funding initiative.

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