Some people call us consultants. We don’t think so. Our role and goals are bigger than that. We work with you – day-to-day, in your office – as part of your team to meet your nonprofit fundraising goals and fulfill your vision. We’ll strive to exceed your funding expectations. Combining our expertise in nonprofits, fundraising, and business principles, we align your organization with your funders’ purpose, which builds your perceived value. The end result: more funding, more often. If you are looking for fundraising services, nonprofit consulting, or capital campaign consultants, Convergent Nonprofit Solutions is here for you! 

As Principal Tom Ralser explained in the video above, when we look at your organization, we don’t see a charity in need of donations. We see a valuable community asset that is positively impacting the community and warrants large-scale investments.

You deserve better than cookie cutter. That’s why we develop an Organizational Value Proposition™ in every capital campaign. It helps us effectively translate your outcomes into specific benefits that your existing stakeholders and potential investors value. In fact, the Investment Driven Model™ utilized by Convergent has been implemented successfully for more than two decades, helping all types of nonprofit organizations achieve significantly greater fundraising results. We’d love to help you next.