Fundraising Reality Check

Is Your Nonprofit Ready for Large-Scale Fundraising?

Test Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising Trajectory

Where is your organization on the path to financial sustainability? Building your credibility, deepening fundraising skills, measuring and communicating your outcomes–these are the activities is that will help your nonprofit reach or exceed your capital campaign fundraising goals. Is your organization set up for fundraising success? Or do you need a fundraising reality check? Take the short quiz below to find out.


Asking Rights™: The Basis of Our Fundraising Efficacy Evaluation

Based on the proven ROI-based fundraising approach outlined in Tom Ralser’s book, Asking Rights: Why Some Nonprofits Get Funded (and others don’t), this quiz is designed to help you better understand your fundraising trajectory. In developing the concept of Asking Rights, Tom combined research and experience to pinpoint the characteristics nonprofits need to earn reliable financial support. As mentioned above, these three main ingredients are credibility, fundraising skills, and outcomes. How do you measure these characteristics? Our quiz provides insight into each of these fundraising necessities. 

The Importance of Being ‘Ready’ For A Fundraising Campaign

Capital campaigns are an investment. When nonprofits invest in a capital campaign without the Asking Rights needed for success, they end up leaving money on the table by either not knowing who to ask, what to ask for, or how to ask. On the other hand, waiting too long to initiate a major fundraising effort can have you missing out on valuable opportunities. Our Fundraising Reality Check above will help you determine areas or strength and weakness in your organization… and more importantly, plan for next steps.

Before You Begin A Campaign

If you are not quite ready for large-scale fundraising,  Convergent can help guide you. The beginning of your fundraising journey is an exciting place to be. We offer Strategic Planning support, Board Development workshops, Credibility Launchpad communication consulting, and other essential pre-campaign services. Contact one of our funding strategy specialists for a customized proposal for your organization. Our podcasts, blog articles, whitepapers, books, and webinars also offer additional nonprofit fundraising insights. 

Getting Started with A Capital Campaign

If you are ready for a feasibility study and capital campaign fundraising, Convergent Nonprofit Solutions is here for you. Visit one of our nonprofit sector pages for testimonials and case studies with insight from organizations like yours that have exceeded their fundraising expectations utilizing our services. Or please reach out to speak with one of our fundraising specialists today and get started!