Core Values

Graphic outlining Convergent Nonprofit Solution's Values

Our Commitment to
Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access

Convergent Nonprofit Solutions has long recognized the importance of fostering a culture where every individual is valued. We are committed to advancing and preserving inclusion, diversity, equity, and access in our organization. Our approach has followed three pillars: Learning, Self-Reflection, and Action.

We established relationships with the Racial Equity Institute and The Diversity Movement. These partnerships enable our team members to participate in workshops and interactive Learning Portals. We have also created an online list of books, videos, articles, and training opportunities that is shared with individuals across our organization to help foster learning and self-reflection.

Our internal IDEA Working Group is establishing key metrics to which we will hold ourselves accountable while also evaluating core processes across the organization from an IDEA perspective. As a company, we can affect change across our team of 40 professionals. However, as a nationwide fundraising consulting firm, we can affect even more change by sharing our efforts with the dozens of clients we work with annually.

For example, we have added procedures to our feasibility study process to ensure a more diverse representation of our client communities when we conduct stakeholder interviews. We are also working with our clients to enlist more diverse leadership teams for our capital campaigns. Not only is this the right thing to do, but we also know this will strengthen our clients’ fundraising campaigns, and by extension, their community impact. We will continue these efforts toward internal improvement and external community impact and will share our model for IDEA in nonprofit fundraising with associations and networks nationwide to encourage others to do the same.

We look forward to the journey, and we invite you to join us.