A Message for the New Year 2021

Never would I have imagined that in my message for the New Year from Convergent Nonprofit Solutions, I would have to start by condemning yesterday’s violent attack on our nation’s Capitol, elected officials, and Constitutional procedures. And yet, here I am doing so in the strongest possible terms. Shocked by what took place, I believe that every person who perpetrated this violent act should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Despite what took place, however, I remain confident that our resolve as a country, justice, and hope for our nation’s future will prevail. I’m also reminded that each of us has tremendous power to make a difference. At the heart of our work at Convergent is empowering nonprofit organizations to positively impact their communities. Whether it’s economic development, ending homelessness, enhancing literacy, or providing human services, among many other missions, our clients are helping people and strengthening the fabric of our country. This is work we can be proud of!

2021 is a year of great potential for nonprofits across the country. So many are realizing that waiting for funding is not going to help drive their mission and increase their level of impact. In fact, in just the past two weeks, four new clients have engaged us to conduct feasibility studies and fundraising campaigns! We look forward to helping more nonprofits than ever engage their boards, effectively communicate their outcomes, and reach their fundraising goals in 2021. 

Yesterday’s events underscore that words do make a difference. If words that sow seeds of mistrust, fear, and anger can beget violent, chaotic attacks, surely words of peace can beget calm; words of love can beget empathy; words of kindness can beget connection and understanding. In this New Year, let us be thoughtful in the attitudes we convey and the words we express. Together, let’s achieve great success this year!

If your nonprofit is looking for assistance in fundraising—whether you need to strengthen your board, find new investors, or even just reach your goals from past years—Convergent can help. We can work with your organization on developing Asking Rights™ to ensure your fundraising efforts are successful. We can also increase your annual campaign funding and manage your capital campaign to ensure you reach and exceed goals. Contact us today for more information.

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