5 Ways Nonprofits Can Improve Data Quality and Insights

The title of the text next to an image of a laptop and data reports.

In many ways, a nonprofit is like a small business. While businesses try to increase sales and make a profit, nonprofits attempt to collect donations and drive support for their causes. In both cases, data allows you to make more informed decisions that boost incoming revenue. However, you can’t make reliable decisions if your data […]

5 Strategies for Sourcing Major Gifts in Your Next Campaign

This guide will walk through 5 strategies for sourcing major gifts in your next fundraising campaign

Major gifts often account for the bulk of a nonprofit’s fundraising revenue. As a result, it can be tempting to allocate significant time, attention, and resources toward finding major investors.  However, with a clear strategy in place, you can effectively source major investors and steward their continued support, rather than focusing your efforts solely on […]