The Role of Cybersecurity for Nonprofit Organizations

male interacting with a digital interface focused on cyber security concepts

News of cyber-attacks and data breaches have recently crossed our news streaming platforms at a frighteningly increasing rate. Already in 2024, dozens of companies in all industries, ranging from American Express to United Health, have reported breaches affecting millions of customers. A recent Harvard Business Review analysis cited that, globally, the number of cyber-attack victims […]

5 Ways AI Can Support Nonprofit Fundraising

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become incorporated into many facets of modern life. AI tools are transforming how business professionals operate. Nonprofit fundraising is squarely amidst this actuality.  Some AI tools are excellent fits for specific capital campaign consulting services tasks. Still, they should be viewed as a force multiplier allowing nonprofit professionals to be more […]

The Difference: Community Branding for Workforce Attraction

Join us in a discussion with John Hull, Executive Director of the Roanoke Regional Partnership, as we discuss workforce attraction. Is your community struggling to find its brand for workforce attraction? Then this is the podcast for you. In this conversation with Convergent Principal Jay Werth, he explains the importance of finding your community’s brand […]

Nonprofit Fundraising During a Recession: A Complete Overview

A nonprofit team fundraising during recession

Nonprofit fundraising during a recession is challenging. Fortunately, Convergent knows how to do it. “Convergent was started in the depths of the 2008 recession. We knew our approach worked and thought it would work better in economic downturns, when every nonprofit was financially challenged, whether from a decrease in revenue or an increase in demand.  […]

Navigating Public-Private Partnerships

Picture of a woman holding a map to navigate the open road

The HBO series The Gilded Age is an interesting study contrasting old New York City with the new money arrivals in the late 1880s. Wealth abounds, there are philanthropic causes to support, yet envy and social standing prohibit the combination of these wealth sources for the common good. Like this dynamic, one of the challenges around economic […]

Outputs or Outcomes? The Difference in Dollars

Outcomes over outputs

Nomenclature is important. The difference between communicating “outputs” and “outcomes” can lead to an increase in or lack of long-term funding for a nonprofit. Since it’s summer, I’ll use a YMCA pool example to illustrate this difference. The local YMCA may be raising money to expand or renovate its pool. The facility provides swimming lessons […]