Veteran Homelessness: Fundraising FAQs

Funding Insights Blog: Veteran Homelessness Fundraising FAQs

Earlier this year, thousands of nonprofit professionals gathered in Washington, D.C. to attend the National Alliance to End Homelessness‘ Annual Conference. This event provides resources and training to those working to address America’s epidemic of homelessness, from nonprofits to governmental agencies, in an effort to help eradicate this plight that has no favorites. It affects […]

Collaboration Over Competition: Escaping the Nonprofit Hunger Games

Escape The Nonprofit Hunger Games: Collaboration Over Competition - Increase Your Impact. Increase Your Funding.

Do you feel like you are living through the Nonprofit Hunger Games? Do you feel you have to compete with other nonprofits for funders? Are you making decisions based on a scarcity mentality where it feels like there is not going to be enough funding? If so, you are not alone. Many nonprofit professionals feel […]

The Power of the CEO/COO in Transforming Philanthropy

As I mention in an earlier blog post, I recently had the chance to attend the Alliance for Children & Families Senior Leadership Conference in Savannah, GA. It was a great conference with some amazing facilitators conducting workshops, and I was lucky enough to find time to attend several of them. I walked away with […]

Transitioning To Success

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to attend the Alliance for Children & Families Senior Leadership Conference in Savannah, GA. It was my first time attending, and I was humbled to learn about the Alliance and the impressive work they do, along with each of their member agencies.  As much fun as the networking events were, […]