Amplify Your Nonprofit’s Impact: Google Ad Grant Use Cases

This article will offer a brief overview of the Google Ad Grant and provide three use cases to consider.

Picture this: You’ve put together your largest digital marketing campaign to date, complete with head-turning copy, branded visuals, and an inspiring call to action. Unfortunately, post-campaign launch, you haven’t reached as many new supporters as you’d hoped to.  This is a common issue for many nonprofits as they seem to hit an invisible digital ceiling. […]

4 Fundraising Strategies for Building Lasting Relationships

Nonprofits looking for long-term strategies for donor stewardship

You’ve established your nonprofit’s credibility, made an initial connection with a prospect, and finally earned a donation. What’s next? How do you hold their attention and start building a relationship that will lead to long-term investment in your organization? How do you plant the seed for future donations now? The answer to all of these […]

Aligning Marketing Strategies with Your Mission: 4 Tips

Check out this guide to learn more about how your nonprofit can better align its marketing strategy with its mission.

Marketing is key for organizations across many different industries, helping to strengthen branding, reach new audiences, and increase revenue. In the nonprofit world, you need marketing to extend your reach, achieve (or even surpass) ambitious fundraising goals, and further your mission by serving more of those in need. While similar to the marketing done by […]

4 Ways to Highlight Impact on Your Nonprofit Website

In this post, we’ll explore how you can highlight impact on your nonprofit’s website.

Your nonprofit’s website helps you spread your message far and wide, whether your mission is to provide school supplies to children in need, keep community parks clean and safe, or find homes for shelter animals in your local area.  On top of telling people about the problem you want to solve and the future you […]