Survey Says: GrowthZone’s 2023 Annual Chamber Survey

GrowthZone, a leading Chamber CRM solution, just released their 2023 Chamber survey results, we found the trends to be very interesting, particularly through the lens of fundraising.  You can review the details for yourself at GrowthZone.   The surveyed Chamber leaders’ top 3 concerns were: #1 Member Engagement & Retention, #2 Growing Membership, and #3 […]

Nonprofit Fundraising During a Recession: A Complete Overview

A nonprofit team fundraising during recession

Nonprofit fundraising during a recession is challenging. Fortunately, Convergent knows how to do it. “Convergent was started in the depths of the 2008 recession. We knew our approach worked and thought it would work better in economic downturns, when every nonprofit was financially challenged, whether from a decrease in revenue or an increase in demand.  […]

Inflation is Impacting Charitable Giving–How to Grow Your Nonprofit Anyway

A group of nonprofit constituants fundraising during inflation

Inflation is impacting charitable giving as people spend more money on necessities like food and gas. Still, Americans have $13 trillion in savings, according to Giving USA–a number that rose during the pandemic.  So, is it inflation that decreases charitable giving or fear?  Most likely, it’s a combination of both. We find that when fear, […]

4 Ways Nonprofit Leaders Can Make An Impact During a Recession

Nonprofit leaders helping members of the community at a food drive

There are more opportunities for nonprofit leaders to make an impact during an economic downturn, given that more people often need services from nonprofits during these times. We are already seeing an increase in people needing support from food banks, as an example, and we are only dealing with inflation right now. This need is […]

Preparing Your Organization for Fundraising in 2022

Preparing for nonprofit fundraising image with dollar signs

Preparing your organization for fundraising should be an ongoing part of an organization’s day-to-day work plan. The nonprofit, chamber, or economic development organization that says “we need to raise money this year, so we better start talking to funders” is way behind from the start. The same is true for organizations that do not have […]

3 Stages of Building Your Fundraising Asking Rights

Paper dolls holding hands over a stack of nonprofit fundraising contributions

What gives your nonprofit the right to ask a foundation, bank, business, or individual for money? This is the question that inspired Tom Ralser’s book series on Asking Rights™. Ralser looked at fundraising efforts and results from hundreds of nonprofit campaigns and what the common ingredients were for success. Those who had Asking Rights had […]