Wealth Screening 101: What Nonprofits Need to Know

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Your nonprofit engages in many fundraising activities to generate the revenue you need to further your mission. With so many opportunities out there—from securing major gifts to starting a membership program—it can be challenging to figure out how your team can best focus its efforts to maximize results. That’s where wealth screening comes into play. […]

Playbook: Incorporate Planned Giving into a Capital Campaign

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Capital campaigns drive incredible impact for nonprofit organizations, funding important new investments that grow their capacity to pursue their missions and serve more constituents.  These campaigns also create many opportunities to deepen relationships and drive impact beyond soliciting one-time campaign gifts and pledges. For example, many organizations use their capital campaign to help kickstart or […]

Best Practices in Change Management for Nonprofit Organizations

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Change is an inevitable reality for nonprofit organizations, requiring continuous adaptation to meet the evolving needs of their donors, stakeholders, and communities. Whether it’s a shift in funding, restructuring staff, new technologies, or a crisis demanding swift action, effective change management is crucial for nonprofits to thrive through challenging moments that stress employees, clients, fundraising […]

The Role of Cybersecurity for Nonprofit Organizations

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News of cyber-attacks and data breaches have recently crossed our news streaming platforms at a frighteningly increasing rate. Already in 2024, dozens of companies in all industries, ranging from American Express to United Health, have reported breaches affecting millions of customers. A recent Harvard Business Review analysis cited that, globally, the number of cyber-attack victims […]

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Improve Data Quality and Insights

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In many ways, a nonprofit is like a small business. While businesses try to increase sales and make a profit, nonprofits attempt to collect donations and drive support for their causes. In both cases, data allows you to make more informed decisions that boost incoming revenue. However, you can’t make reliable decisions if your data […]

Creating a Nonprofit Operating Budget: 4 Best Practices

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Thorough financial planning is critical for nonprofits of all sizes and in all verticals. To make the greatest possible impact, you not only need to maximize your fundraising efforts but also properly allocate the funding you bring in to cover all of the costs associated with your mission and operations. The most important financial planning […]