ROI For Nonprofits:
The New Key to Sustainability

By Tom Ralser
roi_bookThis book takes a look at how nonprofits can raise money amidst demands for accountability, transparency – and results

Nonprofits face the same challenges as for-profits when it comes to raising money and keeping investors happy. When investors in nonprofits are shown that their money is making a difference-that their investment is paying off-they are more likely to keep investing. Written by Tom Ralser-a CFA uniquely qualified to apply ROI methodologies to the nonprofit sector-ROI For Nonprofits: The Key to Nonprofit Sustainability details the methods and processes your nonprofit can effectively use to demonstrate the value of your organization’s efforts.

Filled with an abundance of case studies as well as pragmatic tips, tools, and methods used successfully by hundreds of nonprofits, this practical book covers topics including:

  • Defining ROI
  • The Leverage of Investors
  • Learning from the For-Profit World
  • Moving to an Investment-based Mindset
  • Treating Investors as Investors

Your nonprofit’s prospective investors want to know “What are you accomplishing with my money?” ROI For Nonprofits: The Key to Nonprofit Sustainability offers you immediately useful concepts that accentuate, enhance, and augment solid fundraising and represents a major change in how to capitalize on the motivations of those who are likely to invest in your organization.

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