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Fundraising Help for Chambers of Commerce

Now more than ever, your Chamber of Commerce plays an essential role in the community. As the nation’s leading fundraising firm for Chambers, we know that access to sustainable funding for your organization can be a constant challenge. When the businesses in your community need support (as so many do today), limited resources can restrict the help you can provide. Convergent is here with a better way forward for you in fundraising.


Case Studies

Here is a closer look at some of the Chambers of Commerce that Convergent has supported to fundraising success. You can also review the full extent of our case studies here.

Hiring Fundraising Counsel After Years of Successful, In-house Campaigns

Why should an Economic Development Organization (EDO) that has run successful capital campaigns for years seek professional fundraising counsel? What is the benefit of conducting a full feasibility study prior to launching a campaign?

Launching A Successful First Capital Campaign

Can a rural community Economic Development Organization (EDO), which has never run a capital campaign in the past, launch a major fundraising initiative? How do you generate full buy-in from a business community that has never been presented with an “ask” of this nature? These are just a few of the concerns Convergent helped Phelps County Development Corporation (PCDC), rural EDO in Nebraska, address on the way to its first successful capital campaign.

Decreasing Dependency on Events for Funding

How does an Economic Development Organization (EDO) that has depended primarily on an annual fundraising event for years make the leap to launching a multi-year capital campaign?

A Few of our Chamber of Commerce Clients

Tell Us About Your Chamber of Commerce

If your Chamber of Commerce is ready to end the fundraising struggle, contact the capital campaign consultants at Convergent. We look forward to hearing more about you, your Chamber of Commerce, and your fundraising goals. Our experts will reach out with more information on how we can help you secure the funding you need to thrive.