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Housing is critical to successful economic development in all communities. According to the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development housing starts in August fell 11.3% from July 2023.  Meanwhile, the Federal Government has raised interest rates to combat inflation, which has compounded our housing affordability crisis.  #American South leaders will convene on November 14 to discuss accelerated housing availability developer attraction, and how to fund new properties.

Join Andy Coe, Principal at Convergent Nonprofit Solutions and Bethany Quinn, Vice President of Strategy & Content Development at Golden Shovel on Nov. 14th, 2pm EST to learn about innovative best practices being implemented by economic developers throughout the country, how to attract housing developers, and how to fund development projects. Convergent Nonprofit Solutions and Golden Shovel Agency will share proven strategies you can use to address this pressing challenge for your community.

The webinar is hosted by the Southern Economic Development Council Professional Development Initiative and is open to individuals interested in learning how to solve this critical issue impacting communities across the country. Register for the webinar here.