Feasibility Study

A fundraising feasibility study is the first step in launching any major nonprofit fundraising campaign. The process we implement is based on a combination of decades of experience and the results of extensive objective testing.

Ultimately, we are able to position our clients’ fundraising campaigns for success while also providing a wealth of information from which to make other crucial organizational decisions.

A Convergent fundraising feasibility study includes the following:

  • Outline a multi-year program of work for your organization.
  • Establish preliminary measurable goals for your program.
  • Assess community support for your proposed plans.
  • Measure funding potential among likely donors or investors.
  • Identify desired priorities among your organization’s constituency.
  • Obtain key constituency feedback on your organization’s performance.
  • Determine a feasible fundraising goal.
  • Collect prospect information that will be useful during the fundraising campaign.
  • Garner valuable confidential insight from top community leadership.
  • Provide a risk/reward analysis for launching a major campaign.
  • Build awareness of the planned fundraising campaign.
  • Synthesize diverse viewpoints into a core consensus and often a mandate.
  • Conduct appropriate due diligence for your proposed plans.
  • Explore opportunities for funding the costs of the campaign itself.
  • Research foundation and government grant opportunities.
  • Position the planned campaign for success.
  • Make specific recommendations on whether and how to launch a successful campaign.

Once a Convergent nonprofit feasibility study is concluded you will possess a clear roadmap for the future of your organization.

In most cases you can move immediately into a successful fundraising campaign. In the event that insufficient support exists for an immediate campaign, Convergent will guide you through specific action steps designed to re-position your organization for a successful campaign down the road.

Regardless of the outcome, a Convergent fundraising feasibility study will lead to a significantly stronger and more effective nonprofit organization.