By Sarah Long, CEO, Valley Healthcare System

Valley Healthcare System is preparing to launch Building Bridges of Hope and Health, as an extraordinary five-year program establishing partnerships to encourage new health initiatives while stimulating economic growth in Columbus and the Chattahoochee Valley. It is an ambitious program, building on our First 20 Years of Service (1994-2014) and acknowledging Valley Healthcare System’s contribution of over $30 million in fair market value of health care dollars to the community.

This spring, Valley Healthcare hired Convergent Nonprofit Solutions to conduct a feasibility study testing six areas including leadership, messaging, and community identity. The results of that study indicate that 85% of the respondents recognized the importance of our mission and goal to provide comprehensive primary healthcare, selected specialties and referral services regardless of individual circumstances. However, the survey also revealed that very few respondents knew of our existence. In an effort to “take our light out from under the bushel” we are inviting community leaders to visit and tour our new headquarters facility.

As founding director of the Valley Healthcare System, I invite you to take this opportunity to visit the facility at 1600 Fort Benning Road, Columbus, GA. Please accept this invitation to take a tour of our new $12 million facility on 13 acres of land containing 30,000 sq. ft.of clinical space and learn more about Building Bridges of Hope and Health.

Learn more about Building Bridges of Hope and Health.