By Jon Blauvelt  |  Ponte Vedra Recorder  |  Full Article

“The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach (CCPVB) is on a mission to reinvent itself, and new Executive Director Donna Guzzo isn’t wasting any time to initiate that transformation.

‘We’re hitting the ground fast,’ said Guzzo, who was appointed to her leadership role Jan. 29. ‘There’s no time to sit around and think about it.’

The new executive director is additionally leading the charge to reconstruct the organization’s programming. The Cultural Center’s board of directors, she said, hired an Atlanta-based company to conduct a feasibility study on the organization in November/December, and that study revealed challenges in the programming department. Guzzo explained that the center is mostly seen as a place for infants, toddlers and seniors, with a considerable gap in between those generations.

As a result, Guzzo has hired a new program manager, Catherine Tatem, to address the age gap and expand the Cultural Center’s arts offerings.”