By Lewis Kendall | Bozeman Daily Chronicle | Full Article

“The Montana Chamber of Commerce recently released its 10-year strategic plan, which includes goals to increase wages, encourage business growth and improve the state’s infrastructure.

The plan, titled Envision 2026, outlines five central objectives that it hopes to tackle over the coming years, as well as specific strategies to achieve the goals and metrics to measure progress along the way.

More than 30 business have invested $800,000 to fund the first half of the plan. A chunk of the money will go toward the chamber’s newly announced annual workforce analyses that will assess the issues facing Montana’s talent pool.

‘Achieving the overall goal of strengthening Montana’s business climate will not be easy and will not be free,’ former First Interstate Bank CEO Ed Garding said in a news release. ‘It is gratifying to see Montana’s business leaders rally behind this great plan.’”