Greta von Unruh

Senior Project Director, Chair of IDEA Committee

Greta has been helping organizations achieve excellence in health
and human services, education, and community and economic
development for the past 25 years.

She has worked in research, strategic planning, fundraising, and
development for a variety of organizations and clients, such as the
Florida Public Health Institute, the Business Development Board of
Palm Beach County, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur
Foundation, and the Palm Beach County Cultural Council. This
breadth of experience gives her unique insight into how nonprofits
can grow strong, meaningful relationships in their communities.

Excelling in the field of community and organizational performance
and outcomes for the last decade, Greta has provided marketing,
fundraising, and business intelligence to private companies, public
agencies, and nonprofits to help guide their decision making. Her
thought leadership and highly effective execution skills have
contributed to client successes that include an endorsement from
the State of Florida’s CFO for a website launch and new partnerships
to support local entrepreneurism and innovation.

A passionate and technologically savvy communicator, Greta is adept
at finding synergy between the goals of visionary business leaders
and the mission-driven nonprofit community.

Summary of Experience

  • Coordinated a multi-million-dollar,
    interdepartmental revitalization
    program in Palm Beach County (FL),
    resulting in improved infrastructure,
    community stabilization, and increased
    property values.

  • Researched and developed the
    MacArthur Foundation’s metropolitan
    regional grant making strategy,
    resulting in new tri-county planning
    initiatives around transportation,
    economic development, and land use.

  • CEO of a county-wide economic
    development research institute that
    was the primary source of local market
    intelligence for area Workforce Boards,
    Chambers, and EDOs.

  • Secured public, private, and
    philanthropic funding for a variety of
    capital and community campaigns,
    including $2.4M in new capital for a
    health and human services nonprofit.

  • Bachelors in Social Work from Florida
    Atlantic University; Masters from Barry

Greta von Unruh, Senior Project Director, Chair of IDEA Committee